De Puta Madre | Streetwear | Made in Italy







The streetwear label DPM GOLD (deputa madre gold) has been producing extraordinary and provocative clothing since 2003, which has not been found anywhere else before. The label was founded in 2000. Everything started in a garage in southern Italy.

The term DPM GOLD (de puta madre gold) literally translated "from the whore mother", translated in a logical sense "horny, monkey horny, super, first cream", it is a mostly positively used Spanish expression of force. According to the fashion company's website, the phrase "I feel good" or "I feel great

The DPM GOLD brand also sees itself as an undergrounf  and a provocation brand for existing social values and norms. After internal disagreements over the further alignment of the brand, DPM GOLD (de puta madre gold) was restructured and the label de puta madre gold 187 was founded.
Away from a premium image and back on the streetstyle, DPM GOLD is again what it should always be: a label for the marginalized society, for tattoo lovers, freaks, punks, superstars and those who want to be.